Bustling city of 11.2 k in population.

Primarily a mining city, but has lovely access to the lightning rail and an access road into the ‘Whip’s arc’ carriage trail that crests the edge of Shimmerwood forest and leads toward other civilized parts.

With a recent resurgence in mining for profit as opposed for fealty to ones country, miners have been surging to the area to buy permits and dig. Although with the surge of activity, so have monster attacks.

With the risks, many of the miners have taken to deeper gambles, throwing their small but tidy fortunes to the winds of fate, gracing the backs of 3 dragon ante cards.

TL:DR – You start here! It’s not a badger infested swill hole. It’s actually kinda nice, if you don’t have some sort of gnome-phobia. If you do, you’re kinda screwed…


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