With the war over, the 13 guilds are eager to renew Lightning Rail expansion throughout Khorvaire.

Sadly for their ambition, the war and body count has left the majority of the nation bitter and disinterested in the ambitions of the houses. Greed however is still a wonderful motivator… Enter 3 Dragon Ante, a high stakes game of bluffs and chance.

House sivis manufactures the cards and marks them with sigils to prevent forgeries, and house Kundrak fronting the bill. House Cannith artifices new methods of detecting fraud, House Orien provides transportation, Houses Thianial, and Phiana have scryers at every event, allowing for fans to keep tabs on the favorite players, and to allow security officials to keep a close eye on every player.

Barsun d’Kundrak, head of the tours security, and leader of an adventurers company known as Dassen Garde. He’s looking for more players to play, and more muscle to keep the scalawag players in line…

You interested?

Ante-up Poker tour